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“How Millennials can get started and grow as Real Estate Investors with Ronny Philip” – Podcast Episode #57 of Achieve Wealth Through Value-Add Investing with James Kandasamy

Listen Date: 9/2020, Source

  • Rony Philip of Kingley Acquisitions
  • He buys and operates multifamily in Atlanta and San Antonio
  • Multifamily is much easier to scale over single-family because you can accumulate units faster and sell in bulk at a more favorable equity multiple 
  • To be successful you must take action 
  • “What it takes. Pursuit of Excellence” book recommendations 
  • Join a mastermind group and be open to pay to be a part of a quality group 
  • For new grads, he suggests joining a big brokerage shop and being an analyst in investment sales and then slowly investing as an LP in deals with sponsors and in markets you want to be in. 
  • If not that, join a sponsors team that you want to learn from 
  • Diverse employers and job growth are very important for markets he considers 
  • If your a GP raising money, it’s very important to understand your LP and their goals and expectations up front and what is their investment timeline 
  • Establishing trust is very important 
  • It’s very important to avoid sounding desperate but still establishing a sense of urgency 
  • An experienced team is very important so make sure you have complementary skill sets 

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Huber Bongolan has 9 years of experience in commercial and residential real estate finance. Mr. Bongolan has sourced $700+ million in debt and equity financing for land, construction, bridge, and permanent deals in all product types. Huber received a double bachelors, Business Economics and International Studies, from UC Irvine where he graduated Cum Laude. He then earned a double masters, MBA and MRED, with Program Distinctions, from University of Southern California. Mr. Bongolan is an Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts of America, and holds leadership positions in both ULI (Urban Land Institute) and FIIRE (Filipinos in Institutional Real Estate). He enjoys competitive sports, mentoring youth, and teaching personal finance. Huber also enjoys writing about Real Estate trending topics and education. His blog posts can be found on

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